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3 Beauty & Cosmetic Brands Who Wished They Started Email Marketing Sooner

Apr 25, 2023

 Recently, I started asking myself and others the question…


“Looking back, what’s one thing that you put off doing, but once you finally did, it had a tremendous positive impact on your life?”


By asking, I’m attempting to reduce blind spots and uncover hidden (to me) opportunities that I’m completely passing by. Then, I rephrase the question…


What will my future self look back and wish we did sooner?


I like to ask the same question in business. Where are the opportunities that, if we’d start now, would have a tremendously positive impact on our growth and profitability. 


For these 3 e-commerce stores, the answer is email and sms marketing. 


Today, I would like to walk you through 3 of our clients’ first few months with us and show you how their business and revenue grew, just by adding email and/or sms to their marketing plan. 


Brand #1: The Beauty Brand


This beauty brand increased their total revenue by 117% and their percentage of owned revenue from 0 to 25% in just 5 weeks of implementing our email marketing strategy. 

They came on board in early 2020. I’m happy to report, they’re still with us today. 


Over the years, they’ve experienced a lot of growth. But some of the most impressive growth started almost immediately. Take a look: 


This one-product store relied on micro-influencers and organic social media outreach to spread the word. But, they had no back-end infrastructure in place to capture and convert traffic once it landed on their site. 


This meant that warm traffic was constantly flowing to the site, but not all was converting and there was no way to capture and market to visitors who didn’t make an initial purchase. 


They also weren’t targeting customers to encourage a second time purchase. 


The first thing we did was set up an opt-in to capture visitors’ email addresses. Next, we created a series of flows to hit subscribers at the most important decision-making times in the sales cycle. 



As you can see, results came fast (in about 5 weeks). This brand is still going strong, bringing in over $50,000 in email and sms revenue in the last 30 days alone. 


Brand #2: The Cosmetic Brand


While example number 1 showcases what it can look like to start email marketing as a small brand, example number 2 proves that bigger brands just leads to bigger revenue. 


In this case, this brand was trying to DIY their email. That’s not a bad thing. In fact, most store owners will need to roll up their sleeves and jump in at some point before sales can support outsourcing. 


However, there comes a point when DIYing can actually lead to missed revenue opportunities. Whether it be a lack of strategy or the inability to remain consistent when dealing with all of your other responsibilities, it can be tough.

For this brand, they struggled with the ability to remain consistent in the face of a growing store.


Despite DIYing it, this brand was bringing in decent results. About $4,000 in email revenue per quarter. 


But once we jumped in…


That number skyrocketed to $68,600 within 6 weeks of implementing our custom strategy. 


Like store #1, this wasn’t just an initial jump… it was sustainable. Over a year later and this brand is still with us and going strong. From just $64,000 per quarter in 2021, they’re now far exceeding $200,000 in email and SMS revenue last quarter. 

Brand #3: The Skincare Brand


This skincare brand had a solid start in the e-commerce space, but they put off email marketing. Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of creating the content and dealing with the tech, they kept pushing it to the back burner. 


Coupled by the loss of in-person events due to 2020, they were struggling to reach their customer base. 




What they did have going for them was a growing list of customers that they hadn’t yet tapped into with email. 


We kicked off our time with this brand with a two-pronged approach. 


First, we made sure their automated flows were set up and running to reach their customers at the most opportune time for buying. This gave them some sales on autopilot while we put together a campaign strategy. 


Second, we targeted their existing list (all previous customers) and asked them to purchase again using a mix of nurture and sales emails. 


The results were incredible. Over the course of 60 days, we saw an increase of 121% in total revenue. 


While business revenue has been up and down, email has continued to be a strong portion of their ROI. For small brands, this is a big win. 


Because email is often much more profitable than paid ad traffic, a sale from an email is typically worth a lot more in profit than a sale from a paid ad. 


In this case, email is still making up an average of 38% of their total revenue. 

Of course, none of this is a magic solution and it won’t happen overnight. 


But I hope this post can give you some inspiration to get started if you haven’t yet. What’s cool about email marketing is that you’ll see some initial results. It’s exciting. 


But what’s really great about email marketing is that it’s sustainable. Results build and compound on each other over time, making it all the more important to start early and start right. 


When you’re ready.. 


We offer a number of options for both new and established e-commerce stores. 


Book a call to see how we can help you grow a more profitable brand! 

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