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30 days to 67277

Feb 01, 2023

Quick win (and how to replicate it): 

We recently helped a home goods brand add $67,277 in email revenue in just 30 days. 

Today, I'll share with you the strategies we used to hit that revenue and how you can apply them to your own e-commerce brand. 

The Challenge

When I first sat down with my contact from this home goods store, he had some doubts that email would actually work to increase their revenue. 

He sells high-end, outdoor home products with a really long sales cycle. The products last about 3-5 years, so people aren’t rushing back to replace them. 

So, he wasn't sure he could convert a lot of people on the back end. For that reason, they hadn’t been running campaigns at all. 

My first step was to do a quick audit. 

I took a look at his Klaviyo account and there were a few indicators that I found promising. 

- healthy list - his list size had about 80,000 profiles, and the few emails he had sent previously had good engagement. 

- good average order value - with a high price point and good margins, even a handful of sales per campaign would make email profitable.

- positive customer track record - he had good reviews and user generated content to bolster trust (and indicate that previous customers might want to come back and buy again). 


So... we went for it. I was confident I could generate revenue, but honestly, wasn't expecting what happened. :) 


The Solution

Here’s a quick summary of what we did:

1. Warmed the list
2. Reached out to dormant profiles
3. Segmented based on engagement and behavior
4. Include lots of reviews
5. Offer a small (15% off) discount

In total, we sent 9 emails. 5 of those emails contained the 15% off promo.

While many people are afraid to use email because they think they have to discount heavily, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

This part might surprise you even more…

Just alerting people that a sale was coming generated $7,856.66 in revenue in about 24 hours. Here’s a small portion of the email we sent out. 

That email was sent as part of the warming phase to encourage clicks, but it ended up being a good revenue generator as well. 


Biggest Takeaways


  • There is revenue to be made via email. You just need to take the first step and get going. 
  • If you’re unsure if your brand would do well, seek out an audit. I offer one and it can help you get on track and set expectations so you can decide the next best move. 
  • Not every email needs to offer a huge (or any) discount to delver results. We do really well sending out non promos all the time (I’ll have more on that next week). 

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