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Friday Checkin - Get Unstuck

Feb 27, 2023
Email Marketing Checkin

I’ve been selling physical products via email for over 7 years now (3 years as The Email Lady). 


Here's what I know for sure...


The proper email automation allows store owners to sell from anywhere, at anytime, without having to hunt down new people from around the internet. 


It’s freeing, really…


The ability to sit back and let technology do it’s thing while you go and do yours… whatever that might be. 


While the technical aspect can feel a little overwhelming, the process is not complicated. 


Here’s how it works: 


  1. You find an email marketing platform that works for your needs (hint: it’s Klaviyo if you’re a physical product brand). 
  2. You create your “low-hanging fruit” automations and let them run in the background. 
  3. You send out weekly (at a minimum) Cash Injections to drive more traffic to your store. 


That’s it. 


When done right, it’s quite magical. You end up reaching your customers at the exact right time with the exact right message and offer to get them to take the next step with you. 


I’ve guided many 6 and 7 figure brands in doing this and have also handled the entire process for many other brands… 


… generating up to $150,000 in email and sms revenue in a single month. 


And I can tell you that where a lot of store owners get stuck is here: 


  • No time to figure out the tech or put together all the content to make this thing work. 
  • Not sure what to say in the emails without offering discount after discount (definitely not what you want to do). 
  • Unsure what the big needle movers are that will drive sales vs. what is just a time waster

So I’m looking to work one:on:one with a few brands to help you get unstuck and start seeing a real return from your email marketing. 


My team and I will personally set up your entire system so it’s driving revenue each and every day. 


So if you have…

  • A physical product brand generating high 6 or 7 figures a year
  • A list of at least 10,000 subscribers
  • At least 5000 new visitors per month
  • Product to sell 


Reach out and let’s chat. 


While this is a premium service, I can guarantee that we'll drive a minimum of $15,000 in the first 60 days… or your money back. 

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