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A Word From Travis Phillips, CEO of PennyQuinn Group [Review of The Email Lady]

clients review testomonial Jan 08, 2024
Secret Weapon - a review from Travis Phillips of PennyQuinn

When Travis Phillips of PennyQunn came to us with one of his brands in 2022, we were excited to work with him as we didn't have a lot of brands within his niche. A few months later, he handed us a second brand to run with. Again, expanding our portfolio to an e-commerce niche we hadn't worked with before. I'm happy to say that we've been working with both brands for over a year now and they continue to see amazing growth from their email.

So thankful Travis was kind enough to drop us this note (even referring to us as his "secret weapon") wow - thanks, Travis!  


I would like to express my profound appreciation and to provide a well-deserved acknowledgment for the exceptional services rendered by 'The Email Lady' in managing our email marketing strategies for both of our e-commerce stores.

From the onset, The Email Lady has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to elevating our brand's communication and customer engagement through innovative email marketing flows and campaigns. Their team's expertise in crafting tailored content and strategies has significantly enhanced our outreach and conversion rates, marking a notable improvement in all aspects of our email marketing endeavors.


Here are a few highlights of our collaboration with The Email Lady:

Customized Campaigns: They have adeptly tailored each campaign to resonate with our diverse customer base, ensuring that every message is impactful and drives results.


Data-Driven Strategies: Utilizing cutting-edge analytics and insights, The Email Lady has continually optimized our email marketing strategies, leading to increased open rates, click-through rates, and overall customer engagement.

Innovative Solutions: Their forward-thinking approach has introduced us to a variety of innovative marketing techniques and tools, significantly boosting our market presence and brand loyalty.

Reliable Support: The team's responsiveness and willingness to go above and beyond have been instrumental in our campaigns' success, making them a reliable and invaluable extension of our own team.


The Email Lady has not only met our expectations but consistently exceeds them, driving tangible growth and success for our e-commerce platforms. Their dedication, expertise, and innovative methods have made them our 'secret weapon' in a competitive digital marketplace.


We consider our collaboration with The Email Lady to be one of our most strategic and beneficial partnerships. Their contribution is a testament to the power of effective and innovative email marketing, and we look forward to continuing this fruitful relationship.

Thank you, The Email Lady, for your exceptional service and for being a pivotal part of our journey towards greater success.

Best Regards,

Travis Phillips


PennyQuinn Group

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