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How to Escape The Content Trap

Dec 21, 2023
How to escape the content trap


If you have a brand that everyone loves...


And people just eat up your content...


But sales just aren't reflecting that...


You may have fallen into The Content Trap. 


I see this among e-commerce store owners every now and then. 


What’s The Content Trap?

It usually happens when a brand has blown up because of some type of free content that they offer on their site: 

🗞️ Parenting Tips

 🗞️ Makeup tutorials

 🗞️ Recipes

  🗞️ Home decor inspo

 🗞️ Health, healing, and wellness advice


These are just a few of the common Content Traps


The issue is that the site is so content-rich that it attracts a lot of freebie info-seekers. 


This isn't inherently bad. It means you're likely generating a lot of organic traffic. 


But the problem comes in when you let the freebie info-seekers take control and hold your revenue hostage by demanding more and more free content. 


How You Fall Into The Content Trap


It goes like this: 


You send out a piece of content and they eat it up. Big open rate. Lots of clicks. Plenty of interest. 


So you start emailing more content. 


You start to see your open and click rate sky rocket. 


So you send even more content. 


Then when you finally send an email asking for a sale...




So out of a bit of confusion and a little desperation, you send more free content.

The cycle repeats and before you realize it...


...you've forgotten to sell! 


You can tell you've fallen into the content trap because your click rate is exceptionally high, especially on emails that promote free content...


But your placed order rate is low. 


Want out? Here's how: 


Make sure that you include clear and straightforward sales emails that are sprinkled into the mix. 


Here are some email ideas that will actually sell your products: 


🛍️ Product feature 

🛍️ Category or Collection feature

🛍️ Review roundups

🛍️ Sales and promos

🛍️ Bundle deals


And when you do send out content, make sure you clearly link that content to a featured product.


Make it painfully obvious. Feature the product in the email, in the content itself, and maybe even in the sidebar of the content piece.


You'll likely see less engagement on the emails that push for a sale. But you'll see higher revenue. 


Don't let the freebie info seekers hold your revenue hostage. Click rates have their place, but they're not the most important metric to guide your marketing choices.


Give it a try today and let me know if you see a difference in revenue

And while you’re here…


Not sure what to send, who to send it to, or when to send it out? 

Next week, I'll be releasing the January content calendar along with 10 campaign templates you can steal to send your list campaigns that actually sell (and that your customers will love). I take all the guess work out of it for you so you can just pick your campaigns, fill in the template, and go.


And if you want...


I'll even build your template in Klaviyo for you, so all you have to do is Just Hit Send. 


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