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How This Solo-Run Beauty Brand Grew to Over $2M with the Help of Email

Feb 12, 2024
In 2020, I was just starting The Email Lady when I met this guy...
His name was Mike. And Mike had also recently started a business. Except, his was an e-commerce store in the beauty niche.
Mike wasn't a marketer. He was actually a chemist. And his scientific brand had developed an amazingly effective product.
But he wasn't yet marketing it to it's fullest potential.
In fact, he was really just starting to see some growth.
He wasn't yet running paid ads. And he only had one product to sell.
But he knew he needed email if he wanted to see sustainable growth.
Ads were (and still are) pricey. But email was his ticket to getting repeat sales and maximizing every visitor that landed on his site.
So we started out by setting him up with some basic automated flows.
Then, after 30 days, he started to see some very positive results. So we took a risk and began a weekly campaign plan, even though he only had about 2500 people on his list.
But the risk paid off. Between his flows and campaigns, he was ROI positive in his first 30 days.
Now, that's a really cool story. But what happened next is the fun part.
With the help of email making more second and third time sales, he was able to invest more back into his business. Growth started to snowball.
Now, just 4 years later, he's happy to have a multi-million dollar company.
While I'm not going to claim email was solely responsible for his growth, I can tell you that it does contribute about 25% - 30% of his total revenue month after month.
I can also tell you that his email program is an incredibly profitable marketing channel for his brand (and many other stores as well) because of it's low cost and high yield.
Many brands wait way to long to ramp up their email marketing because they simply don't realize the potential. Not just in total revenue, but in profit.
If you're sitting on the sidelines, wondering if it's time for you to get in the came, take the leap of faith and commit to a weekly email program.
And if you need some help...
We're currently accepting application for our White Glove Cash Injection Program. It's a full-service email campaign program that strategizes, creates, and sends 1X, 2X, or 3X email campaigns per week.
Complete this form and schedule a call to see if your brand is a fit to see a positive ROI from this program.

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