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Here Are Your Next Steps Toward 7-Figures

Mar 19, 2024

Last week, I shared with you the story about Adam who started working with us back in 2022 when he was generating virtually $0 in revenue...

And who has since started seeing 7 -figure months (not years) after sending 2-3 email campaigns each week and setting up his email & sms automations.

And while his results came quickly, they didn't happen overnight. 

After last week's email, I had a few people reach out to me asking what steps they need to take and how they can get started so they can see similar results for their brand. 

So here's my answer: 

If you're serious about growing your e-commerce brand and you want to utilize an exceptionally effective and high-roi marketing channel (like email & sms), here are the steps I would follow: 

1. Build your list-growth system. 

2. Build out your basic flows / automations. 

3. Begin a 1X+ weekly email campaign strategy (and regular sms). 

4. Expand basic flows and build advanced flows. 

5. Test, optimize & reiterate. 

Evaluate where you're at and jump right into the next step. 

But here's my tip: Don't skip steps. If you haven't done step 1, step 3 will completely flop. And if you try to do step 3 before step 2, you're just going to spin your wheels without feeling like the time and energy is "worth" it. 

But what you CAN do is tackle a few steps at once if you're really serious about fast growth. 

If you're not sure where to jump in or how to reach the next step, I offer free 30-minute strategy calls for you to get a clear idea of the most effective action steps. 

Book your call here. 

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