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My Very First Online Store

Dec 15, 2023

There's a little known fact about me that you probably don't know...


Even though, today, I run a boutique email marketing agency that serves e-commerce (mostly Shopify and Shopify Plus ) stores...


That's NOT what I originally set out to do when I began dipping my toe into the world of online business. 


The first business I started was actually an e-commerce store of my own. 


I sold wedding day robes (you know, the kind the bridal party wears while getting ready?)



This was Back. In. The. Day. Way back, y'all! 


I'm talking before Shopify was really on the scene (if it was around, it wasn't big enough for me to have heard about it yet). 


The thing is - back before Shopify, if you wanted an online store, you had to code it up yourself. 


I'm not a coder. I'd spend hours trying to figure out how to HTML my way to a half-way decent looking product page. 


And forget about mobile optimization... 




I'm not trying to tell you that I had to walk 5 miles to school...


Uphill both ways (of course). 


But what I am saying is e-commerce has come a LONG way. 


Email marketing has grown right along with it.


The ability to connect a platform like Klaviyo to your shopping cart and collect data on every single thing your customer does on your site is nothing short of genius. 


It means that, as store owners, you have the ability to collect all that data and automatically analyze it and make split second decisions on how to best connect with your visitors and customers at the exact right time with the exact right message...


Making the chance of getting a sale just THAT much higher. 


But if the idea of thinking through each and every possible scenario for your customer...


And then wondering how to craft a message that speaks to them at that moment in their buying journey...


Plus designing all the templates and building out all the technical specs for each possible message...


Feels just a little daunting...


Then you'll like this guide I've put together. 


I've laid out all of the top (i.e. highest revenue grossing) automations that I set up in every single one of my clients' stores all in this guide ---> click here to get the e-commerce email automation guide. (Free) 


And if you read the guide and think, "yes! I absolutely want to pull in these sales by utilizing automations."


But also think, "nope... no way in H.E.Double Hockey sticks I'm setting that up," then that's ok too.


Because at the end of the guide, you'll have a choice to make. 


Either take the info and run with it. 


Or reach out to my team and have us professionally install the entire system for you. 


Either way is cool with me. 


But I would recommend getting it done before 2024 because this e-com game is just going to continue to grow and change. All for the better. 

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