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My December Content Strategy

Nov 30, 2023

As we come out of the biggest shopping month of the year, you may be wondering how to keep the momentum going. 


Many store owners fall into the feast and famine trap when it comes to content promotion (and as a result, sales). November is big. Lots of emails. Lots of sale. 


December comes and everything slowly starts to dry up. Less enthusiasm, less campaign ideas, less consistency, less sales. 


To keep you from falling into that trap, I'm offering up my December Content Calendar. 


This content calendar is available for all members inside Weekly Cash Injections, the fast & easy way to send weekly email campaigns for an instant cash injection into your e-com store.December's Content Calendar includes 10 campaigns. All campaigns are designed to drive sales or increase trust in your brand and desire for your products. Campaigns also come with copy templates and design inspiration so you can easily pump out high-performing email campaigns each and every week (or more). 


But if you're not a part of Weekly Cash Injections, read on to get some tips for December.


December's Strategy


 While our strategy in November was to push big purchases and higher AOV, our strategy in December is to push for last minute, less expensive, impulse buys. 


Many shoppers have already allocated their budget and gotten their big items. Now, we’re aiming to increase additional purchases and push the CLV just a bit higher. 


Later in the month, we’ll focus on the subscriber purchasing for themselves as many people are looking to fill gaps in what they need or want after the holiday season has passed. People are also looking ahead at new habits and routines, making this the perfect time to start people on subscriptions or encouraging incorporating your product into their daily routine. 


Here are a few quick tips for December:  

- For this month, think last-minute sales, stocking stuffers, and quick ship items. 

- If you have gift cards or digital items, push those later in the month. 

- Because people are still in shopping mode, lean more into sales than nurture to take advantage of the season. 

 - Stay consistent with your marketing. If you'd like get the complete content calendar, copy templates, and design inspiration for all of the campaign topics for this month, sign up for Weekly Cash Injections before doors close on December 4th at midnight. 


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