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How a Simple Switch Skyrocketed ROI from Meh to Baller in Just 30 Days

Apr 09, 2024
how text message marketing skyrockets ROI

In a world where the price of everything from groceries to gas seems to be on an endless upward trajectory, and interest rates are more intimidating than ever, wouldn't it be nice to see something in your life do the same?

Specifically, your ROI?

Today, I'm diving into the transformative journey of a cosmetic company that saw their ROI on text message marketing leap from a solid 140% to an astonishing 502% in just 30 days. Yes, you read that right. And before you wonder, this isn't just a fluke—it's a testament to the untapped potential of owned revenue (mainly email and text-message marketing). 

The Leap from Good to Great

Imagine a cosmetic brand, doing fairly well, sending out 6-8 MMS messages each month, netting $2,000-$7,000 in sales every 30 days. Respectable figures, right? But in the quest for greatness, "respectable" is just another word for "potential." The question we posed was simple: could SMS (text only, no images) perform just as well, if not better, and at a fraction of the cost?

The Experiment

We created a 30-day test to find out. We split tested every text message. We tested discounted offers, product promotions, and product reviews. We we looking to analyze specific metrics across the 30 days: click rate, total revenue, cost to send, and, most importantly, ROI.

The results?

While MMS (multi-media / images) squeaked out a slightly higher total revenue, the cost to send them just didn't make sense. 

When looking at ROI, text-only messages weren't just a winner; they were a jackpot, catapulting the ROI from 140% to 502% in 30 days.

What This Means for Your Brand

This brand is now making 3.5X as much profit on each text sent. But here's where it gets interesting for you. This isn't just a story about switching from MMS to SMS; it's a narrative about the untapped potential lying dormant within your marketing strategy. It's about recognizing that sometimes the obvious answer isn't the right answer.

Looking Beyond the Horizon

What if, lurking within your brand, there's an ROI killer you've yet to unleash? Perhaps it's an underperforming opt-in, turning potential customers away. Or maybe, your abandoned cart flow is one tweak away from unlocking a treasure trove of profits.

If the thought of undiscovered opportunities makes you feel like you're letting money slip through your fingers, fear not. I'm on a quest to partner with a few forward-thinking brands eager to see a significant ROI increase in the next 30 days.

The Invitation

This isn't about cookie-cutter solutions. It's about crafting a bespoke strategy that leverages years of experience in identifying and capitalizing on opportunities just like the SMS vs. MMS goldmine.

If the idea of boosting your profit with less costs sounds like a good game plan for your brand this year, let's talk. Let's explore together how we can elevate your ROI from meh to unequivocally baller.

Email and text message marketing isn't just about sending messages; it's about sending the right messages to the right people at the right time. And sometimes, the path to skyrocketing your ROI is simpler than you think. Let's uncover the unique opportunities that await your brand, shall we?

Book a 30-Minute Strategy Call where we'll identify ROI killers lurking within your account and identify strategies for increasing your brand's ROI in the next 30-90 days. 


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