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The Content Trap. Why Content ≠ Conversions.

Mar 22, 2024

If you're pulling in mad SEO traffic but not making a single sale...


If your emails see a 5%+ click rate, but placed order is a big goose egg...


If you have loads of opt ins for your freebie, but they're still sitting on their wallets after a week...


You may have fallen into The Content Trap. 


The Content Trap is where very well-meaning shop owners end up. 


It happens when you give a lot of free info, but your info-seekers don't give their credit card in return. 


You'll hear people claim you can get out of the content trap simply by asking for a sale. 


But that's not true. 


Asking for the sale isn't enough.


It's all about strategically planning WHAT you're giving away for free and how that content relates back to your product. 


If you feel you've fallen into the content trap, take a look at your content and decide if you can move that content closer to a buying decision. 


Here are some examples: 

👉 If you're giving away a free ebook and it's working really well, try giving away a free ebook with any purchase. 


👉 If you have a very active blog, make sure each blog post relates to a product. 


👉 If you email out tips, make sure at least one tip is to use your product. 


The closer the content is to requiring a purchase to be effective, the more sales you'll end up with.


And the more customers will be on your list so you can sell to them again and again at a lower cost. 


If you know you want more sales from your email automations, campaigns, and sms marketing but aren't quite sure what your next move is...

Grab one of my Mini Audits. 


I'll jump into your account to dig up any red flags that are causing you to make less sales and profit than you should, identify opportunities for growth, and create a 3-part action plan for you to follow over the next 30-60 days. 


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The Content Trap. Why Content ≠ Conversions.

Mar 22, 2024