Automate an extra $5K - $50K this month by planting these "Money Trees" inside your Online Store 

For Shopify and Shopify Plus stores using Klaviyo, just follow the 5 simple steps below.👇

If you're tired of dropping money on ads only to see your bounce rate soar while still struggling to make the second, third, or fourth sale... 

And you'd like to increase your profit margin using email, sms, and simple automations... 

Then this letter will show you how. 

Since early 2020, I've been installing high-ROI email automation systems for e-commerce stores, which have (and still do) generate hundreds of thousands of dollars each month. Just like this: 

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Having this system in place means: 

🙅‍♀️ No more watching qualified, paid visitors bounce without a cost-effective way to recover them. 

🙅‍♀️ No more one-off customers that "forget" where they purchased before it's time to place their next order. 

🙅‍♀️ No more missed sales and lost revenue because there's no follow up system in place. 

 Just an automated email and SMS system acting as your sales associates to ring up sales 24/7. 


The thing is… I have a soft spot for e-com store owners. 

When I started my first e-commerce store in 2013, I was a struggling single mom who was short on both time and money. 

Not a good combo. 

Online sales, generated by email, became my golden solution. 

I loved that I could write just one email and leverage that to generate sales… seemingly with no ceiling. 

PPC ads were great for sending cold traffic and FB ads were amazing for retargeting. But both were costly without the right follow up systems in place. 

So, I became a bit obsessive about learning more and more about email and other automated marketing.

Soon, I started writing emails for other online businesses to help them leverage their time and ad spend. Then, in 2020, The Email Lady was born… a boutique email and SMS marketing agency exclusively dedicated to helping e-commerce store owners grow a more profitable store via email and SMS. 

The Email Lady has continued to grow and help  e-com stores around the U.S. reach their goals of selling more physical products. 

Here are the exact automations I put in place for growing e-commerce stores:

Step 1. Create a Killer Opt-In That Qualified Customers Can’t Refuse. 

While no one “likes” pop ups, they are HANDS DOWN the most effective tool for capturing email addresses when visitors land on your page. And if you choose the right offer, you won’t just capture emails… you’ll convert customers. 

Step 2. Send Out This Quick Conversion Welcome Flow

Often, e-commerce stores have a huge hole in their traditional Welcome flows. These holes lead to a huge loss in sales and drop in ROI from paid traffic. Here are the two biggest mistakes I see that lead to less sales and low ROI: 

  • No follow up. Many stores give out the Welcome flow on a thank you pop up and call it a day. That’s a mistake because the sales are in the follow up. 
  • Too much time between opt in and follow up. In almost every case I’ve tested, less time between opt in and follow up means more sales. 

The Quick Conversion Welcome Flow solves this by shortening the time between follow ups and adding additional follow ups… without annoying your potential customers to the point where they opt out. 

Step 3. Install The Abandoned Trio 

Abandoned Cart emails are one of the highest converting emails a store can have in their arsenal. But there are two lesser known automations that many store owners leave out. 

Unlike the simple Abandoned Cart flow, the Abandoned Trio reaches out to customers at 3 stages of the shopping process - when a customer looks at an item, when they place it in their cart, and when they begin (but not complete) a checkout. 

The key to these flows is the dynamic messaging that automatically changes for each customer based on their on-site behavior. With the right messaging and perfectly placed dynamic content, these flows have the ability to save countless lost sales. 

Step 4: Close Additional Sales with These Second-Sale Sequences

It costs far less to sell something to a previous customer than it does to acquire a new one. Yet, many stores let customers sit in their customer database with no additional follow up. 


There are a couple crucial points that come after the sale. And if you can time this right, you’ll show up on your customers’ phones and laptops at the exact moment they’re considering a second purchase. Nailing down this timing is one of the first things  I do with new clients because a lift in repeat purchases means a lift in profitability. 

Step 5: Bring Back Lost Customers with Don’t Forget Us Followups

While some brands hammer their entire list into the ground with unending promos, savvy store owners know that all customers are at unique points throughout their customer lifecycle and speaking to them at the right moment can mean the difference between them repurchasing or hitting that unsubscribe.

These customers often need an extra push to come back after they’ve gone cold. But instead of sending them the same message your new and active customers get, create a more nuanced message with a special offer to encourage them to come back.

This low cost, low effort flow will yield a much higher profit than focusing only on converting new customers. Get the timing and messaging right here, and you’ll save many customers from wandering over to your competitors’ checkout page. 

That’s it. 

Here’s why I love this system: 

✅ Stores can set this up once and reap the revenue for months or years before needing to make a major change. 

✅ Ads become supercharged. Instead of only relying on your landing page to make the sale, you’re now following up with very targeted messaging (at a low cost per email) to close the sale. This means your ad dollars will go further, without much additional effort on your part. 

✅ You’ll become the obvious choice for repeat purchases… without having to spend $$ on retargeting ads (or stressing about social platforms taking away the option to retarget customers at all). 

Now you’re probably wondering… 

This sounds great in theory, but will it work for my store?

Here are a few snapshots from my customers’ accounts. These are all 30-day snapshots taken on the same day during one of the slowest months of the year (just happened to be when I wrote this page) so you can get a feel for possible results for various sized stores. 

The "attributed revenue" number is the revenue attributed to their email and sms program over the last 30 days.


While total revenue varies, typically a store can expect anywhere from 20% to 40% of their total revenue coming from their email and sms program. 

This is 20-40% of revenue that doesn’t require additional ad spend. 

In any given year, our clients see returns up to ___ on their email and sms investment. 

But the best part is… 

  • They no longer stress about holes in their sales system. 
  • They feel confident turning ad spend up or down because they have a solid system in place that converts sales in good times and in bad. 
  • They know they have a swarm of loyal customers that they can launch new products, get feedback, collect reviews, and find referrals at any given time. 

And no matter what else is going on in your business or life, you know that this system is acting as your personal sales associate, ringing up customers 24/7. 

If you’d like to see how I could set this up for you… so that you can sell more physical products at all of the key points throughout your customers’ lifecycle without losing money on paid ads… you have two options: 

Option 1: 

You can take the above framework and run with it. Follow the steps, nail down your strategy, messaging, offers, timing, and triggers and get it going. Most of this isn’t brand new stuff, so there are no secrets. I’ve just gone through this enough times that I’m able to quickly evaluate what each store needs to succeed and maximize their results. But you can see all the steps above and give it a go! 

Option 2: 

You can work with me 1 on 1 to set this entire system up with you and support you through the process. This way, you’ll save time and money and not have to wonder if you did it “right.” 

Together we will: 

✅ Create a custom strategy for your flow system to identify exactly what to send to who and when. 

✅ Identify the offers that make sense for your customer at each step of the customer’s lifecycle. 

✅ Create your opt in and Quick Conversion Welcome flow to convert more new visitors to customers. 

✅ Create your Abandoned Trio to convert both new and returning visitors while they’re considering your product. 

✅ Create your Second Sales Sequences to turn more of your one-time customers into repeat buyers. 

✅ Optimize every flow to make sure it makes you the most sales possible. 


Ready to automate an extra $5K - $50K this month?

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Important: Must Read Before Booking

While I love setting these systems up for my clients, they do take quite a bit of my personal time. For that reason, I’m only able to bring on brands who are a good fit (i.e. ready to capitalize on this system NOW and see a near instant return on their investment). I simply need to be selective here. So, I ask that you meet the following criteria before booking. 

To qualify, here’s what you MUST have: 

  • An existing e-commerce store (or a store that is 60 days away from launching)
  • A reliable source of traffic (usually paid ads but influencers, affiliates, or a strong social presence work too)
  • A direct-to-consumer sales channel that utilizes Shopify, Shopify Plus, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or Magento.
  • A physical product to sell. 

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