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Case Study: How We Tripled Owned Revenue for This Cosmetic Brand in 2023

blog case study email results Oct 04, 2023

Here’s a quick look at how we increased email & sms revenue by 199% in just one year. 




This cosmetic brand came to us in fall of 2021 to install some automated sales flows. They were looking for a done-for-you package, but were unsure whether to run campaigns or not due to a growing (but still relatively small) list. 


After installing the flows, we decided to move forward on campaigns through the BFCM season. 


Things went well. So, we continued to send campaigns at a 6X per month cadence. 


How we increased revenue: 


In fall of 2022, we increased emails to 12X per month (about 3 per week). Now that the list had grown and the store was sending more daily traffic, we pushed forward on a higher frequency email plan. 



Revenue from email immediately increased.  


12 months later, we’ve now increased owned revenue by 199% when compared to this same time period last year. 


"Ok. So, should I Send More Emails Too?" 


Sending more emails almost always leads to selling more products and making more money. 




Emails are typically the highest ROI marketing channel you have access to. 


For most stores generating high 6 figures or higher, sending more than 1 email per week is typically recommended. 


If you’re just starting out, weigh the time and cost of sending an email vs. your typical return per email. You may not be ready to increase your cadence until you’re generating consistent traffic and growing your list.


If you want to take steps to add on an additional $5,000 - $75,000 in owned revenue each month, here are a few ways TEL can help: 


> Free Quick Conversion Welcome Template


> The Complete Guide to Evergreen Automated Sales Sequences


> Weekly Cash Injections (limited time enrollment) 


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