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Here's A Quick Abandoned Cart Tip

Sep 25, 2023

If you’re following Shopify’s advice on when to send out your first abandoned cart email, I can almost guarantee you’re losing sales that you should be recovering through your abandoned cart flow. 


Recently, we onboarded a new client who already had his automations set up for all of the key touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle. But after taking a quick look, I saw they just weren’t converting as high as they should have. 


The first thing that jumped out at me was the timing on his abandoned cart flow. 


Now, Shopify recommends sending an abandoned cart flow 10 hours after someone starts checkout (if they don’t complete it within that time). 


I say that’s a big pile of b.s.


This particular client had his first email going out 4 hours after checkout started. 






We decided to run a split test. 1 hour vs. 4 hours. 


With everything else being the same (same email/offer/CTA/content/etc.), this email converted significantly better. 


The placed order rate jumped from 1.8% to 9.8%. 




So here’s a quick action step to take: 


Go into your Klaviyo account and change the timing on your first email from whatever it is to half that time and see if your results change. 


Or, go even further and drop it down to 1 hour. Or even 30 minutes. Play around with the time to see what works. 


I shot a quick video explaining this that you can see in this post. 


This tip should take less than a minute to implement and has the potential to increase sales starting today. 


 Before you go, you should know...

The Abandoned Cart Flow is just one of the automations needed to convert customers at each of their key touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle. I created this post to walk you through the rest with tips for maximizing results —> Convert more customers throughout their lifecycle


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